American Made, And Proud of It

posted by Custom Craftworks on Friday, May 24, 2013

It’s funny how certain phrases can immediately conjure up very specific images.

“American made” is one of those phrases. To us, it means quality: the golden crust of mom’s apple pie, made with fruit grown in our own backyard. It means ingenuity: from Benjamin Franklin’s discovery of electricity to today’s Apple computers. And it means pride in everything we do: the same pride we have when we stand at attention during the national anthem and the presentation of the American flag.

Here in the Custom Craftworks plant in Eugene, OR., “American made” is at the core of everything we do. Every day, we can look out at the trees, mountains and rivers surrounding this Pacific Northwest town—so green that Eugenians often refer to it as the “Emerald City”—and we’re inspired.

Our company was launched in 1986 by a fine furniture craftsman, and today we maintain his commitment to the finest materials in our products. These include beautiful, locally sourced woods, from honey-colored birch and golden Eastern hard rock maple to pale, gleaming poplar—all from sustainable yield forests.

Before Custom Craftworks, massage tables came standard: They were heavy and hard for therapists to use comfortably. Even worse, they didn’t last. We used good, old-fashioned ingenuity to figure out how to create a beautiful and light table—strong yet supple—that would last and last. Along the way, we added custom features, too, like breast recesses and prenatal tables—all thanks to great communication and feedback from our clients and customers.

In fact, our customer service professionals—you guessed it, real people who answer the phone—report that we continue to get feedback from you every day. We love to hear how our American-made products are making a difference to you in your practice—and how much you appreciate our ability to think on our feet, customize a great table and ship it to you in only a couple of weeks from initial order.

We stand a little taller whenever we hear a comment like that. And in the American way, we tip our hat right back to you.


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