Prenatal Option

If prenatal massage is a part of your practice, this table is a must for you.

In use in practices across the world for over 15 years, Our Prenatal option is one of our most popular upgrades. This amazing option makes it possible for the mother-to-be to relax comfortably in a face-down position during massage therapy.With our unique and comfortable support sling in place, the round ligaments in the pelvis are supported, alleviating pressure.

Remove all of the plugs and insert the abdominal sling for prenatal work, remove just the breast recess plugs, or simply insert all of the provided plugs to restore a flat working surface. Breast Recesses and plugs, tummy hole, tummy plug and sling are all included with this feature! We reinforce the head end of the table for strength by using a thicker plywood. The tummy plug is securely held in place from below with two bars when inserted in the table. 

Description:Table has cut out in the vinyl and foam to accommodate both breasts (same as our Breast Recesses) and enlarged belly of expectant mothers. Belly cut out includes an adjustable, padded sling that envelops and supports the belly at all stages of pregnancy. Plugs for both Breast Recesses and belly cut out are included. 

Manufacturing Limitations:Must be ordered with the table; cannot be retrofitted.Not available on McKenzie, Taj Mahal or Deluxe Top Tables. Cannot be ordered on the foot end of Elegance or Elegance Pro Lift Backs.  

Weight / Dimensions: Adds 3.6 kg to the table. Breast Recesses measure 20.3 (width) x 15.24 (length) x 5.1cm (depth) and are located 10.2 cm from edge of table with a 5.1 cm space between them. The belly hole is 29.2 (width) x 39.4 (length). Belly hole is open underneath with adjustable support sling below.