I decided to buy this table since I loved lying on it so much. One client in particular brought me in monthly with all of her friends, usually 5-7 massages in one day. With my new table my tips doubled! My table paid for itself in just a few months! Thank you for introducing me to the most wonderful table on the market, it truly was a wise investment on my part."

Kari Vehec, MT
Formerly with Pittsburgh School of Massage Therapy

Custom Craftworks builds the only portable that stands up to my work, which subjects tables to vigorous movement both vertically and horizontally. I have caused brand new tables to squeal like pigs, during my two-day workshops. Over the course of my work I have broken several other tables. This has never happened with a Custom Craftswork table because their tables have so little movement"

Shogo Mochizuki, Director
Japanese Massage and Bodywork Institute

I wish I had pictures of the faces of some of the clients that experience the Breast Recess table and the superior comfort for the first time. What brought me to the decision initially, to buy a Customer Craftworks product, was two fold. First, I have to thank my ex-wife for educating me that most women find lying on their chest very uncomfortable. Second, I have to thank you for opening my eyes to all of the benefits of your Breast recesses and the effect it has on the entire body of the client. What a difference the Breast recesses make in opening the upper back."

Jack Ogden, CLMT
Discerning Touch

The Breast Recess option is remarkable in that one size truly fits all. It shortens the musculature of the upper back allowing deeper access with less effort. A groundbreaking achievement."

Erik Dalton
Freedom From Pain Institute

I have been in the massage profession for over 30 years. The last 10 years I switched gears to teaching massage. My life is built around massage, I love it. I became aware early on that a good strong, sturdy, but light massage table like Custom Craftworks are worth every penny of the price. My first table cost 55 dollars I intended to earn money first then buy a better table. I was so wrong. After 4 cheap tables collapsed on me dumping people to the floor, not to mention the back aches it caused me. I wised up and purchased my first Custom Craftworks table, 15 years ago. I have been using and selling them ever since. It's best to spend a little more and get quality and confidence you can depend on.

Dr. Norman Winkfield
A graduate of The Chicago School of Massage Therapy 1985 Massage Teacher and Instructor at Daley Community College, Chicago, Illinois

In the past 10 years as my small health center has grown, I have purchased 5 Custom Craftworks electric high/low massage tables . My experience with the staff has consistently been friendly, prompt and accurate service. Our tables are comfortable, durable and reliable. I would rate Custom Craftworks a 10 ! (scale 1-10). Thank you for the many years of great service... and many more to come.

Carma Douglas RN CLT Owner Certified Lymphedema Therapist
Healing Spirit Integrative Health Center

I love encouraging Massage Therapists to do the right thing and invest in themselves and their business. It never made any sense to me to purchase a table that I knew would only last 3 - 5 years. I planned to be in the profession much longer than that. I use my tables too. I have dragged my Portable Custom Craftworks Prenatal table to University Training Rooms and Backstages at event venues for over 10 years, as well as at least 30 appointments a week, and it is still fine and just like new. Being able to finally purchase the Stationary Electric Lift Custom Craftworks table is a dream come true. It is exactly what I needed. It is ergonomically delightful for me and for my clients. I have been practicing for 24 years. I am sure this table will last for the next 20 years. This table is the only table I have ever found that is perfect for Working with all the client demographics in my practice such as women, athletes, breast cancer survivors, geriatrics and expecting mothers. Everyone loves my table and often ask why don't other Massage Therapists have these? I have even had Physicians, Physical Therapists, Nurses and Athletic Trainers ask this question. You just have to put your money where your hands are!

Xerlan Deery, LMT
Phoenixville Masage and Bodywork

I bought a table from this company in 1989. I lived in Eugene for several years and when i graduated from massage school i wanted to give something back to community that nurtured me for those years. Well, its been 20 years and many moves and my table is still as good as new. I do take care of it, i have replaced some of the screws that have worked loose over the years but otherwise it is still my old reliable. Thank you so much I'm glad your still in business.

Ken L. LMT

I have found with the Custom Craftworks table is that it has the best balance of usefulness, stability, weight, and structural integrity out of any massage table or chair I have used over the last 25 years. The table is just light enough that it's not a hassle to put the table up and take back down to transport,. Basically in 3 moves, I can have my table set up. During a treatment I move the table a lot, and I notice that the Custom Craftworks table retains its stability. With many tables I have used in the past, the joints actually start to disintegrate with time, but the Custom Craftworks joints, cabling system and seams make it extremely sturdy. I'm very pleased with the workmanship, materials and finishing of the table. These are all things that make me feel comfortable about the Custom Craftworks brand as the official massage table and chair brand of for Reposturing

Aaron Parnell , Owner/ President
The Vitality Center / Reposturing Dynamics

Your McKenzie power lift table was the first electric table our practice purchased in 2001. Since then we have purchased other brands largely because of price differences. We've had problems with every single one except the Mckenzie which has performed without flaw all these many years in a 25+ therapist practice that's open 12 hrs a day every day.

Mary Ann Kae LMP
New Seattle Massage Co-op

I have had my table for as long as 10 years now your products are the best!!! I will continue to be your number one customer

Nicole R., Massage Therapist
Palm Coast,FL

The only tables I will buy in the future!! I have purchased 3 of the hands free models for my practice over the past couple years. The fact that you can raise and lower the table while standing anywhere around it is a big deal when your hands are always on the client. Since I have been using these tables, I have less fatigue, my back pain is gone and my clients comment on how professional they are! I also love it for elderly people getting on and off the table and also those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. BEST tables you can buy!!

Heather Rowell, LBMT
Organic Touch NC

I have purchased 3 pieces of equipment from you and LOVE them and HIGHLY recommend your products to everyone

Lisa M. ,Massage Therapist

I bought a stationary Custom Craftworks (Athena) in school 9 years ago and it's still going strong.

Deborah S. ,Massage Therapist
West Terra Haute, IN

Best of Eugene Love to Support our local Economy~and we've got a Great one to Support.......thank you for making a wonderful product and enriching our lives with greater well being!

Carolee L. ,Massage Therapist

I love Custom Craftworks! They are the best table on the market! Keep up the good work.

Sandi G. ,Massage Therapist
Nanoose, BC

I love my prenatal table so much that I when it finally gave up the ghost and had to be retired I stumbled across this opportunity ( to win a table) and thought I'd give it a try first. I cant tell you how many wonderful memories I've made with my first CC table and how many lives I've touched in its use.

Jill M. ,Massage Therapist
Chugiak, Alaska

I love my Custom Craftworks table! I have had one for over 5 years and would reccomend this table to anyone!

Shawna L. ,Massage Therapist

I have loved my Custom Craftworks table for over 10 years! It's still as good as new - just ask my clients.

Eleanor M., Massage Therapist
Elk Grove, CA

I have been using a Custom Craftworks table for 10 years in my practice. Just love it. It is so sturdy and yet so comfortable my clients could/do fall asleep on it.

BIanca K., Massage Therapist
Aiea, HI

I received a massage from a former student of the school I am attending-OSM in Salem. I asked him about his table and which features he preferred-which led me to your site! I love the idea of using a product made in Oregon!

Sheila R., Massage Therpaist
Keizer ,OR


Jamie B., Massage Therapist

I bought a used 2005 Custom Craftworks Athena 26" Wide, Low table from a former therapist 5 years ago. It is by far the best portable table I have owned. I have used it at dozens of triathlons and road races not to mention more outcalls than I can remember. I show it off whenever possible and frequently bring it into the classroom to demonstrate how a low narrow table is often superior to the wider tables that are so common. The sturdy construction, heavy duty carrying bag with big roomy pockets and ease of transport I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Hugh Bofenkamp
Massage Therapist

I have purchased the power lift tables with maternity and breast cut outs. I would like to get two more as I will now be purchasing table number 3 and 4. We love your tables and the therapists and clients find them exceptionally comfortable and easy to use.

Dr. Jennifer Cox , Roseville Chiropractic
Roseville, CA

Namaste and Hello I purchased a table from you a few years ago and love it However it's time to get a lift table! I continue to teach massage and continue to recommend your tables to my students. Thanks for making great tables!

Cathy M., Massage Educator

I have a massage table I absoulty love from custom craft(works) very well made.

Jennifer B., Massage Therapist

I have a massage table I absoulty love from custom craft(works) very well made.

Jennifer B., Massage Therapist

Currently have a Custom Craftworks table and love it! I'm looking for an identical second one to furnish my Chiropractic Office.

Kaylie D., Ireland Chiropractic

Hi I just received my massage chair today(bought through Massagewarehouse). I love it! I do corporate massage and will be starting to have massage parties where I can introduce massage work to more people.

Kaye Q., Massage Therapist

Good day I am writing in regards to a trusty product that I purchased from your company which is a portable table named Athena. I have had this table for three years and I love it. It is very comfortable and portable and beautiful. I also appreciate that it was made in this country from sustainable materials and will certainly continue to purchase your products for this reason.

Jessi V. , Massage Therapist

Thank you most kindly for your decision to donate one of your 30" Athena massage tables to St. Mary's Cancer Center Cancer Program. Our volunteer, Marilyn Veselak, who requested the donation of a table has been instrumental in creating and growing a way for our cancer patients to experience the health benefits of massage and therapeutic touch. For many patients, it is their very first massage! Not only does Marilyn provide three, thirty minute massages on Friday, she has recruited a fellow masseuse to do the same on Wednesdays. Every week, we are able to offer six patients a free massage. The massage table is also utilized by our Therapeutic Touch volunteers when they would be more comfortable with a "private" session. Close to 100 people have already benefited from your generosity. However, that number does not begin to express the depth of the difference you have made in their cancer journey. It's not that they live, it is how they live with cancer. Thank you for choosing to answer the call.

Debra Hesse, Cancer Survivorship Program Coordinator
St. Mary's Advanced Medicine Pavilion Regional Cancer Center

Profound bodywork relies upon the therapist's skill at assessing functional relationships throughout the body. Only then can one treat the underlying causes of a client's symptoms. Custom Craftworks has created an innovative new table system that, because of built-in breast [chest] recesses, allows the vertebral spine to remain neutral while the client is lying on the table. This gives the therapist an outstanding technical advantage. The positioning, made possible by the design of the table, helps reveal the body's inherent rhythms as well as its stress patterns; and it becomes easier to discern local areas of inhibition within the larger structural pattern. The depressions of the breast [chest] recesses provide easy access to the shoulder area without compromising mobility. My clients benefit from their experience of more fluid movement within the session. And both women and men remark upon the comfort of the breast [chest] recess system. Who says you can't have it all?

Jan Roberts, LMP
Council of School's Teacher of the year 2004 Moscow School of Massage

This good fortune could not have been better timed. I generally do not do house calls.A student of mine who had suffered a brain aneurysm several years ago had an excacerbation of her symptoms. She could no longer come to my office for her Feldenkrais table work. The only problem....no table.The friday after l learned of her problem, I received your email informing me I had won a new massage table. Her aide took the picture of me and this beautiful table in its new home, my student's living room.Thank you so much for the wonderful work you do and for the work it will allow me to do with my student.

Bob C., Table Winner and LMT

I don't think words can express how excited and surprised I was to have received notice that I was the August winner of a Moori Custom Craftworks massage table. I am a true believer that everything happens in life for a reason, and I feel as if winning the Moori table from Custom Craftworks is an omen, that makes my drive to become a massage therapist even stronger! I am actually still training to become a massage therapist at the Pittsburgh School of Massage therapy, and have had the opportunity to utilize several different massage tables produced by different companies. I can say, without a doubt, that Custom Craftworks offers the most comfortable and best quality tables! I purchased my first table from Custom Craftworks (the Selene) before winning, so my opinion was not influenced by the gift, it has only strengthened my feelings! I have had such a positive response to the Moorii table from my practice sessions with "clients" (a.k.a - willing participants, since I am still in school) that I use it as much as I do the table I purchased! When I started telling everyone that I had won a table, people advised me to "sell it you can make some extra money!". My response has been "would Picasso sell an extra paintbrush, just because he had two?"...NO WAY! It is essential for an artist to have the best quality tools available to deliver the best product! I look forward to a long relationship with Custom Craftworks as I thrive in my new life/career ! I want to thank the entire Custom Craftworks family for providing us all with quality affordable products, and of course for my new Moorii table!! You have a customer for life! Pictured is me and the first client to enjoy the comforts of my new Moori Custom Craftworks table.....she's a little hairy, but she tips really well!!

Brent K., Table Winner LMT

Dear Custom Craftworks, In October, I created a Vision/Manifestation board to hang on my wall and on it was a picture out of a magazine of a Blue Reiki table that I wanted to "manifest" into my life. I learned of your give away contest in November after a day of being on a "dolphin adventure" boat where we located a pod of hundreds of dolphins in the Pacific Ocean out of Dana Point, California. I told my girlfriend I was entering your contest to win a Reiki table, as I had just enrolled in a Reiki certification course at The California Academy for the Healing Arts and I believed the dolphins would bring me the table. (That might sound corny to some, but it just popped out of my mouth). I was thrilled when I learned that I had won the table the week my Reiki class began at the beginning of December and I found it even more fascinating that the blue Moorii table I had won was named after the brilliant blue Malewi dolphin. That certainly gave me pause for thought! I am filled with appreciation and delighted to be the winner of a Custom Craftworks massage/reiki table and I thank you so very much for providing a contest to win such a high end massage table. I LOVE the table and am enjoying using it in my healing practice. It's easy to transport and set up and is extremely comfortable and sturdy. Thank you again with deepest appreciation!

Michelle, Table Winner LMT
Trabuco Canyon, California

Erica. Austin, TX Erica "I love my new Athena! It is such a beautiful color, it is light and easy to carry, and it is so simple to set up. I gave my first massage on it yesterday; and my client said it was amazingly comfortable! Thank you so much Custom Craftworks! I have the exact table I wanted!"

Erica, Table Winner LMT
Austin, Texas

Our massage community has many opportunities to connect.Convention is one of the largest of these occasions that benefits many lives and continues giving back to all. This last October, I experienced the best National Convention ever for so many reasons. Because it was close to home in Portland, this allowed us Washingtonians to drive with fewer limitations, especially luggage. It was fun to take my 20 year collection of Chapter pins that will never get to go on a plane ride. My teacher Patty Kruschke is the National teacher of the year Award recipient. Our Chapter had some first time National convention attendees including Annie LaCroix, Secretary, Dana Oenning, Convention Chair and Trevor Griffith, Membership Chair. AMTA-WA received the highest Five Hands of Excellence award again this year as well as our fourth National Sports Massage Team Award. All of the above and the friendly care giving community of Massage Therapist from all over, old friends and new make this an extra special gathering. The last day of convention, Dave suggested I fill out the drawing registration for the Pivotal Health Solutions drawing for their amazing 7,000 prize. With so much activity at Convention this was not on my radar. Thanks to Dave, I did fill it out quickly and asked him to drop it by the exhibit. I used my office phone number instead of my cell for my contact. Not being present for the drawing, having lunch with Tianne and a couple other members in our Hotel room 5 blocks away from the Convention Center. We got a call from Dana who just won the drawing for next years convention in Raleigh NC. During our room celebration of Dana's win, I received another phone call from Teri Sura, Sales Manager from Custom Craftworks. I don't believe it , how she get my cell #? This is where the real fun begins. We all rush over to the Exhibit Hall, while I receive many more calls and texts and meet friends in route that witnessed my name being drawn from the bucket. I begin to believe, with so many of my community who had my cell number sharing my exhilarating win. The fun continues as we call MIA Dave to announce the big win. Being very hard to convince, we had to take the phone back to Teri at the booth. He accused her of being part of a scam until he saw the facebook picture on his I pad. What a great community we are part of. I wish all of you the best of luck at our State Convention in Tacoma this year where Pivotal Health Solutions is providing another big item prize. You all know I sell the most winning tickets. I'm Looking forward to seeing all my community in April. I'll have your winning raffle ticket ready.

Patricia L. Phillips, LMP
Get In Touch Clinic, Renton, WA

I received my new table and want to thank you again for your generosity. It is beautiful and fits right in in my studio. I have been practicing for 24 years and really needed a new table. I am so grateful to you all. I will be thinking about your kindness everyday when I enter my studio to work. I will be sure to put in some good words for you to my students as well. Not just about the hight quality of your products, but about how nice it is to work with you. I look forward to sending some business your way. Mostly, though I just want to say thanks a million!

Tracie Livermore
AMTA 2014 Teacher of the Year

I wanted to share with you the wonderful table that I purchased in 2001. I was just staring massage school and it would take me roughly 1 year to complete my training. I bought my custom craftworks table and having no idea what really to purchase or how to go about deciding what to buy, I started shopping around. I was able to pick out a table that has for the past 14 years exceeded my expectations. I have used this table from my training, CE classes, to my out call business and in my teaching career; it is still today in use. This has by far been the best purchase that I have made in my career. This table has maintained the full integrity of structure that it originally came with, to now becoming an extension of me and my practice. I can't imagine trusting another company with my needs in tables for massage. The padding is still in perfect condition, as well as the vinyl, legs and fasteners. the face cradle and arm rests all are above par. Thank you for producing a product that is exceptional in all ways, allowing therapists ease in their profession the way that you have.

Dawn Fortune-Brown

I have been using my hands free lift back massage table for 4 days now and I LOVE IT! Thank you for all your help with ordering my table and thanks for all at Custom Craftworks for quality craftsmanship and customer support (my stationary Custom Craftworks table is still in amazing condition after more than 20 years of constant use). I am a very pleased and satisfied customer.

Jana Warchalowski

We have several Custom Craftworks massage tables in our school that get used daily. They are set up and down continually and raised and lowered depending on the student. To say the least, these tables have endured magnificently!

Lydia Benson
Director of the American Institute of Clinical Massage

My Athena table has been all over Minnesota with me and saw me through my years in massage school. It has taken quite a beating with all the many different clients over the years and shlepping it all over the state but it looks and acts brand new! I love this table and am looking to purchase a travel table so I can travel to customers without having to break down the one in my studio all the time. I wouldn't want any other brand table. I've seen many other tables and I have to say the quality of these Custom Craftworks is unmatched! I will own and use nothing less :)

LeeAnn Marie
Massage Therapist

12 years ago I attended Sawyer College in Indiana, that is when I received my Athena custom craft works Massage table!!! I have never seen a table built with such high-quality and I have been in the industry for a long time! I am proud to say that I am still using the same table today and it is still in excellent condition!!! Thank you for making such a trustworthy and reliable product!!!

Kelly Risinger
Massage Therapist

I live my massage table! I have been using my table for over 13 yrs and I love have strong it is!! The quality is amazing and so durable it looks like I have just purchase if not to long ago! I got at my school when I started my studies at Olympia Carrier Institute! I always recommend "Custom Craftwork" as one of the most knowledgeable and experts in the crafting of massage product!

Brenda Fuentes
Massage Therapist

The most professional company in massage equipment that I know since 2000. Custom Craftworks also respects the environment I think that`s why my choice always been to encourage some leadership in this matter. Thanks Custom Crafworks, the planet it`s better because of you for generations to come!

Gilles Morand
Massage Therapist

I bought my table and first sheets 11 years ago. Been very happy with the flannel sheets and I can't find them anywhere else! ( I live in Switzerland) These sheets feel soft and give the client a secure and cozy massage experience.

Romana Elleberger
Massage Therapist

I bought this table in massage school in 1997. It has moved from Oregon to Hawaii with me. When I moved to Kauai 13 years, I had my 4 year old daughter, my Custom Craftworks table, and a few suitcases. My table provided me along with my hands exactly what I needed to get on my feet. I still use it every week! It is one of the most well made items I've ever purchased. Thank you making such amazing products

Rachel Fergusom
Massage Therapist

Not only is the table nice, the bolsters are nice and soft. I ordered a custom made table 11 years ago during massage school and it is still my favorite table among others I have purchased. I appreciate your true quality and pride!

Chie Osuna
Massage Therapist

I love Custom Craftworks! I was only recently introduced to this brand - where have I been?! Because I realized my life long dream of becoming a massage therapist, I enrolled as a massage therapist student. There at the school, I was introduced to your wonderful line of products. I was so excited that I immediately purchased the business kit in the agate color. It is beautiful! Not only the color, but the quality of the material of the table, massage chair and stool. Yes, even the stool is very well made and comfy. Prior to purchasing, I was told that I should not buy kits because something is going to be cheaply made, but this is absolutely NOT the case. In my kit, I got a lot of goodies as well! I love the disposable headrest covers - great to know they exist and are so convenient. The bottle of Sacred Earth brand of massage lotion is awesome because it has no scent (but you can add scent and is wonderful with it as well), the glide and less to non-staining on linens. I will be reordering. Needless to say, I am a very happy Custom Craftworks customer for life!

Sui Chi Wong
Massage Therapist

I bought my Athena from my massage school in my second trimester of classes. It's held up over 15 years of hard use. I do outcall massage, so it's been opened and closed and shoved in and out of my car an average of 15-20 times a week for 15 years! I've replaced foot pads, cables, patched upholstery with cheetah print tape, and have tooth marks on the end plate from a shih-tzu who found the wood tasty. My clients love the comfort, and I have definitely gotten my money's worth, I'm a Custom Craftworks massage therapist for life!

Heather Waddle
Massage Therapist

The only tables I will buy in the future!! I have purchased 3 of the hands free models for my practice over the past couple years. The fact that you can raise and lower the table while standing anywhere around it is a big deal when your hands are always on the client. Since I have been using these tables, I have less fatigue, my back pain is gone and my clients comment on how professional they are! I also love it for elderly people getting on and off the table and also those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. BEST tables you can buy!!

Heather Marie
Massage Therapist