• Electric Massage Tables

    Our Electric Massage Tables raise, lower, lift and flex on a dime, giving you incredible options and perfect support every day. Choose from our easy-to-adjust American Made Electric Massage Tables or our hands-free and specialty tables, all featuring a powerful but smooth electric lift and super-strong construction.

  • Electric Massage Tables
  • Classic Series Hands Free Electric Table

    Tired of searching for a foot pedal? Easy lift is within your reach with our American Made Hands Free Power Lift Tables.

  • Classic Series Electric Tables

    Easily adjust your table height with our American Made Electric Massage Tables. They're loaded with options, but their smooth, silent lift and strong stability come standard.

  • Roller Massage Tables

    Designed to knead and relax muscles in the neck, shoulders and lower back, our Roller Massage Tables are built to last.

  • Electric Treatment Tables

    Ease of use, multiple options and a sleek, but durable design make our electric treatment tables the choice of wellness and healthcare professionals everywhere.