• Massage Supplies & Accessories

    Add to your clients' experience and enhance your own toolbox with a variety of massage supplies and accessories.

  • Massage Supplies & Accessories
  • Bolsters

    Support your client's comfort in any position with our wide range of durable bolsters. Available both in our Solutions and Premium Classic series.

  • Extensions

    From side arm extensions, foot extensions and arm shelves customize your table to improve your clients experience.

  • Smart Step Wellness Mats

    Our line of high-performance Wellness Mats deliver the comfortable support you need to help while you work, play or exercise. Each mat features extra-durable construction, non-slip tops and bottoms, and an easy-to-clean, antimicrobial surface.

  • Stools

    Trust our best-selling stool models (rolling or folding) for maximum comfort, improved body mechanics and ease, all in one affordable package.

  • Disposable Face Rest Covers

    Sani-Covers® are made from a cotton-polyester blend for extra softness.

  • Massage Table Linens

    Drape your tables in style with our specialty table linens for massage, spa and treatment tables, in a wide range of comfortable fabrics.

  • Towels and Towel Warmers

    Shop our great selection of terry cotton towels and towel warmers.

  • Carts, Cases & Storage

    Easily transport your table anywhere you go and store your supplies with style.

  • Face Rests

    From bases to cushions, customize your tables face rest to best meet your needs and improve your clients experience.

  • Soft Tissue Tools

    Help is within reach thanks to our wide variety of massage therapy aids and tools, all smartly designed to help prevent overuse injuries and deliver a precise massage.

  • Omni Cervical Relief Pillow®

    Give your clients the ultimate experience with the Omni Cervical Relief Pillow®, which comfortably cradles the head and neck during massage, spa or chiropractic treatments.

  • Stones, Heaters and Warmers

    Insert a peaceful pause during any massage or treatment session by choosing from our array of hot stone massage sets, heaters, and more.

  • Sacred Earth Botanicals® Oils, Creams, & Lotions

    We are proud to offer only Sacred Earth Botanicals® line of cruelty free,organic or vegan oils, creams and lotions, handcrafted right here in Oregon,USA to suit your technique and budget.

  • Lotion and Oil Holsters, Bottles and Warmers

    Our range of holsters and bottles keep your oils and lotions organized and in reach. Choose from several styles.

  • Massage & Spa Decor

    Add a welcoming touch to your home or business with a classic design with a massage-inspired message.

  • Replacement Parts

    Even our quality built tables sometimes need a replacement part. Over time parts can be lost, shop here to keep your table in tip-top shape.

  • ADA Compliant Massage Tables

    Shop our ADA Compliant Massage Tables!

  • CLOSE-OUT Inventory

    Close out inventory, limited to stock on hand.

  • Matago Members

    Members save 26% on select items with your Matago discount code!