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Is a Stationary Massage Table Right for You?

Custom Craftworks offers three main types of massage tables: portable, electric and stationary. They may seem self-explanatory, but there are many important factors for each type of table that you need to consider before choosing which one is right for you and your style of business. In this blog, we explore stationary tables and the benefits they offer.



Stationary tables tend to be on the heavy side and don't move around easily.  They are generally steadier than portable massage tables and, in most cases, can hold more weight. 

Aura_Basic_Black Aura_LB_Chocolate Aura-deluxe_Otter
Aura Basic Stationary Table Aura Lift Back Stationary Table Aura Deluxe Stationary Table


Perhaps the most important consideration when choosing a massage table is where you are going to treat your clients. If a massage therapist does not plan on traveling to clients' houses, setting up at fairs or festivals or setting up part-time at a chiropractic/physical therapy business, than a stationary table would be ideal. Stationary massage tables are a great choice for permanent locations such as spas and salons. Their larger frame and heavier components are preferred more for spa/salon services and businesses that need a reliable, sturdy table with the option of having a lift back for specific services.


Ankle Extension

Removable side arms

Because stationary tables are not built to be portable, they usually provide therapists with more features and options. Some of these features may include: thicker cushions, lift back cushion, self-contained storage, ankle extension and removable side arms.

Overall, stationary tables offer a more professional look and feel. They are generally more comfortable and stable than portable massage tables because they don't have a middle hinge that folds the table in half. The storage and lift-back options are definitely an advantage as well.


Crafted from solid maple wood, the Taj Mahal is a stationary table that offers customization to suit your needs and the needs of your customers. With a simple and elegant design, the Taj Mahal can be upgraded with an enclosed cabinet, rounded corners, breast recess options, and Natural Touch Upholstery with Touch Response Foam for a custom experience.

p10 Taj wCenter Beam_Black_new_knobs Taj_Lift_Back_Purple_2 Taj_Deluxe_Beige

Taj Mahal Basic Stationary Table Taj Mahal Lift Back Stationary Table Taj Mahal Deluxe Stationary Table

Before you make one of the most important investments in your massage career, be sure to give the appropriate amount of thought to the type and style of table that will best suit the needs of you and your clients. 

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