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The only tables I will buy in the future!! I have purchased 3 of the hands free models for my practice over the past couple years. The fact that you can raise and lower the table while standing anywhere around it is a big deal when your hands are always on the client. Since I have been using these tables, I have less fatigue, my back pain is gone and my clients comment on how professional they are! I also love it for elderly people getting on and off the table and also those in wheelchairs or with other disabilities. BEST tables you can buy!!

Heather Rowell, LBMT
Organic Touch NC

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I bought a used 2005 Custom Craftworks Athena 26" Wide, Low table from a former therapist 5 years ago. It is by far the best portable table I have owned. I have used it at dozens of triathlons and road races not to mention more outcalls than I can remember. I show it off whenever possible and frequently bring it into the classroom to demonstrate how a low narrow table is often superior to the wider tables that are so common. The sturdy construction, heavy duty carrying bag with big roomy pockets and ease of transport I couldn't recommend it highly enough.

Hugh Bofenkamp
Massage Therapist