Is a Stationary Massage Table Right for You?

posted on May 28, 2019

Custom Craftworks offers three main types of massage tables: portable, electric and stationary. They may seem self-explanatory, but there are many important factors foreach type of table that you need to consider before choosing which one is right for you and your style of business. In this blog, w

Massage can help relieve allergy symptoms

posted on May 07, 2019

Massage is the ideal complementary therapy for symptoms of allergies. Many people suffer from some form of allergies, and massage therapy is a good way to alleviate your clients' symptoms, and their body benefits in other ways, too!

Fluid Motion Soft Tissue Tools For Your Massage Practice

posted on April 25, 2019

Our FMST (Fluid Motion Soft Tissue) Toolsare used toeffectively and gently manipulate tissue overall surfaces of the body, reduce scarring, control pain and improve joint and muscle flexibility. They were thoughtfully designed to be efficient and effective at the same time. Here are a few of the to

Why Massage and Chiropractic Can Be Better Together

posted on April 02, 2019

via Shutterstock Most people know the benefits of chiropractic care, as well as the relaxing effects of massage therapy. But did you know that getting both regular massages and routine chiropractic adjustments can enhance your overall wellness?

Benefits of Cranial Sacral Therapy

posted on March 04, 2019

Overview Cranial sacral therapy (CST) is sometimes also referred to as craniosacral therapy. It’s a type of bodywork that relieves compression in the bones of the head, sacrum (a triangular bone in the lower back), and spinal column.