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A Custom Moment with Worker B Wellness


Rachel Romanelli, owner of Worker B Wellness in St. Paul, Minnesota elaborates on why she has used Custom Craftworks tables and equipment since she began as a massage therapist in 1995.


Q: Why did you decide to purchase from Custom Craftworks?

A: I have been in the massage therapy profession since, 1995, 24 years and have used Custom Craftworks since the beginning. Over two decades Custom Craftworks has demonstrated industry knowledge over the years by continuing to design and manufacture a massage table that fits the needs of both practitioners and patients. I greatly appreciate the customer service, too!

Q: Which Custom Craftworks tables and equipment do you use?
A:  At Worker B Wellness we use the 30" sapphire Signature Spa Series Hands Free table with lift back and the Classic Series Elegance electric table.


Signature Spa Series Hands Free Electric Table


Classic Series Elegance Electric Table

Q: What features do you like best about your table, equipment and accessories?
A: So many! Our massage tables are hands free tables with a hands free lift back. This means that a patient at any height or physical ability can safely and comfortably get on to the table. The electric lift allows the practitioner to raise and lower the table to the correct height for providing a massage session, minimizing any potential injury from working at an incorrect table height. I also really like the 30 inch wide table and the fact that the table is ADA compliant.

Q: How do your patients like your choice of tables and equipment?
A: Patients are very impressed with the ability of the table to raise and lower. Having a table that is designed with their care in mind makes them feel like they have come to the right place because we have invested in massage equipment that will take care of them.

Q: What treatment challenges did you face before you purchased your Custom Craftworks table/equipment?
A: I definitely had the challenge of table height adjustment for multiple practitioners and also adjusting for height when working with multiple patient populations. For example, a 6’5’’ athlete is going to have a different body type and treatment need than a person that is older and maybe not as large in stature. Being able to adjust the table really lends comfort and confidence to the practitioner when providing massage treatments.

Q: Have you seen noticeable results from your patients?
A: Yes. Patients comment on the comfort of the table. This allows the patient to relax fully during the massage session.

Q: Are you pleased with the products and service you received?
A:  Yes, very pleased!

Q: Would you recommend Custom Craftworks to others?
A: Yes, and I have recommended Custom Craftworks to massage therapy students and practitioners looking to upgrade their tables.

"I am very happy that Custom Craftworks continues to produce massage therapy tables that meet the needs of patient comfort and the needs of the massage therapist ability to provide excellent patient care." Rachel Romanelli


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