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Even now, my clients still sigh "Ahhhhh"...

Charlene Andrelavage on 3/23/22

"I was introduced to the Custom Craftworks massage tables back in 1994 when I started my training in massage therapy. The school had a variety of different brands of tables but I was impressed with the Custom Craftworks' quality and design, I could see the deference underneath the tables. I enjoyed being on the Custom Craftwork tables but really was comfortable massaging fellow students on them. Naturally, when I decided to purchase a table, I chose Custom Craftworks. My Athena massage table is now 25 years young, and it looks, feels and is just as comfortable to work with as it was brand new. Even now, my clients still sigh "AHHH" when they first lay on my table before their massage! A few years ago a regular client, who happens to be a chiropractor, thought I bought a new table when she saw it without linens. She couldn't believe how beautiful it was and how relaxing it was after all those years. My Athena table is used in my home office, but has been my faithful companion for women's retreats, spa days at bed and breakfasts, Project Graduations, open houses and many other special events. I definitely recommend the Custom Craftworks' Athena as a high quality, durable and long lasting massage table. Thank you Custom Craftworks!"

Custom Craftworks quality is impressive.

Sarah Feinstein on 3/23/22

"I LOVE Custom Craftworks! I have the 30'' Athena portable massage table. I actually bought it for myself for my birthday ;) The table is amazing! I have used my fair share of massage tables. People always compliment the comfort of my table when they are on it, the table itself has a good amount of padding, and the face cradle is very high quality and comfortable as well. I love how the face cradle is built, and that it's entirely made of wood. The table I have in particular is 30 inches wide and has a high weight limit, which is perfect for my pregnant people (since I do side-lying). Even though the table is larger at 30 inches wide, thick, and high quality, it is surprisingly light and easy to carry (I started off doing mostly house calls, and used this table). In conclusion, Custom Craftworks quality is impressive, I am very happy with this table, and I would definitely recommend to a friend!"

Forever Blooming Wellness

Katie Blooms on 3/23/22

"I have had my Athena table for 15 years and still love it so much! It is sturdy, extra wide with thick padding and full of love. Just ordered some replacement knobs and I’m sure I’ll be enjoying it for many years to come."

Massage Therapist

Heather Waddle on 3/23/22

"I bought my Athena from my massage school in my second trimester of classes. It's held up over 15 years of hard use. I do outcall massage, so it's been opened and closed and shoved in and out of my car an average of 15-20 times a week for 15 years! I've replaced foot pads, cables, patched upholstery with cheetah print tape, and have tooth marks on the end plate from a shih-tzu who found the wood tasty. My clients love the comfort, and I have definitely gotten my money's worth, I'm a Custom Craftworks massage therapist for life!"

Massage Therapist

Brenda Fuentes on 3/23/22

I love my massage table! I have been using my table for over 13 yrs and I love have strong it is!! The quality is amazing and so durable it looks like I have just purchase if not to long ago! I got at my school when I started my studies at Olympia Carrier Institute! I always recommend "Custom Craftwork" as one of the most knowledgeable and experts in the crafting of massage product!

Massage Therapist

Kelly Risinger on 3/23/22

"12 years ago I attended Sawyer College in Indiana, that is when I received my Athena custom craft works Massage table!!! I have never seen a table built with such high-quality and I have been in the industry for a long time! I am proud to say that I am still using the same table today and it is still in excellent condition!!! Thank you for making such a trustworthy and reliable product!!!"

Massage Therapist

Lee Ann Marie on 3/23/22

"My Athena table has been all over Minnesota with me and saw me through my years in massage school. It has taken quite a beating with all the many different clients over the years and shlepping it all over the state but it looks and acts brand new! I love this table and am looking to purchase a travel table so I can travel to customers without having to break down the one in my studio all the time. I wouldn't want any other brand table. I've seen many other tables and I have to say the quality of these Custom Craftworks is unmatched! I will own and use nothing less :)"

Director of the American Institute of Clinical Massage

Lydia Benson on 3/23/22

"We have several Custom Craftworks massage tables in our school that get used daily. They are set up and down continually and raised and lowered depending on the student. To say the least, these tables have endured magnificently!"

Massage Therapist

Erica on 3/23/22

"I love my new Athena! It is such a beautiful color, it is light and easy to carry, and it is so simple to set up. I gave my first massage on it yesterday; and my client said it was amazingly comfortable! Thank you so much Custom Craftworks! I have the exact table I wanted!"

Moscow School of Massage

Jan Roberts on 3/23/22

"Profound bodywork relies upon the therapist's skill at assessing functional relationships throughout the body. Only then can one treat the underlying causes of a client's symptoms. Custom Craftworks has created an innovative new table system that, because of built-in breast [chest] recesses, allows the vertebral spine to remain neutral while the client is lying on the table. This gives the therapist an outstanding technical advantage. The positioning, made possible by the design of the table, helps reveal the body's inherent rhythms as well as its stress patterns; and it becomes easier to discern local areas of inhibition within the larger structural pattern. The depressions of the breast [chest] recesses provide easy access to the shoulder area without compromising mobility. My clients benefit from their experience of more fluid movement within the session. And both women and men remark upon the comfort of the breast [chest] recess system. Who says you can't have it all?"

Classic Series

Athena Portable Table

Starting at $688 Inventory Status: Product Customization Required Lead Time: 4 Weeks

If you plan to purchase more than one table, please contact Custom Craftworks at 800-627-2387 to calculate the best shipping rates.

More therapists choose the Athena portable table than any other and have over the past two decades. We credit that to its fully customizable and professional design, which helps you feel fresher at the end of the day while still giving clients the massage you intend. Built from premium materials, including North American hard rock maple, American poplar, birch and aircraft-quality cables, this table’s unmatched craftsmanship is full of thoughtful, therapist-friendly details. Each Athena table is also rigorously tested to withstand up to 650 pounds of pressure. Face rest sold separately.

Standard Features:

  • Load capacity: 650 lbs.
  • Table weight: 31 lbs. for 28" x 73" or 34 lbs. for 30" x 73"
  • Shiatsu release cables
  • Full-length piano hinge
  • Reiki end panels 
  • Dual-end accessory ports
  • 9" on center face rest ports 
  • Vinyl-Coated aircraft cables
  • 3" Multi-layer foam

Download Athena Portable  Table Data Sheet


WARNING: California Proposition 65 Information

MASSAGE UPHOLSTERY: Our standard Massage Upholstery offers on-trend color options that are durable and easily cleaned.
Classic Series
Upgraded True Touch [Add $170]
TOUCH RESPONSE FOAM SYSTEM: IF YOU SELECT THIS UPGRADE, PLEASE SELECT A TRUE TOUCH UPHOLSTERY AS IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD UPHOLSTERY. Our exclusive Touch Response Memory Foam system is pressure-sensitive and molds quickly to the shape of a body pressing against it returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed. Can facilitate a nurturing/cradling effect during the massage for your client.
WIDTH: The standard width for most of our tables is 30".On many of our tables, you can increase to 33" or even 36" wide, but keep in mind your own body mechanics and the weight of the table. A narrow table (28") is easier to carry and is easier to reach across. However, larger clients may not have enough room to comfortably rest their arms at their sides. Not all tables are available in all widths, see drop downs for width options of each table.
HEIGHT RANGE: Your table should be set at a height that allows you to use your body weight rather than excessive muscular effort. If your table is too high for the required treatment, then your shoulders and upper body will be strained, and if your table is too low, then your lower back will suffer. A therapist should tune into their own experience to discover their personal formula for determining optimal height range.
ROUNDED CORNERS: Rounded corners add beauty and freedom of movement around your table. Helpful in tight spaces. Some therapists believe energy flows better around a table with no sharp edges.
BREAST RECESSES: Ideal for clients with larger breasts or implants while prone or broad shoulders while supine, our Breast Recesses will greatly increase comfort during massage for both men and women of ALL shapes and sizes. Once therapists begin working with the plugs out, we find that they are rarely put back in. When you do choose put them in, they fit snugly and securely into your table.
PRENATAL: Prenatal Upgrade includes both breast and stomach cut outs to accommodate tender breast tissue and larger belly of expectant mothers.Includes an adjustable, padded sling for support of the round ligaments in the pelvis.Plugs for both Breast Recesses and belly cut out are included.
SIDE ARM HOLES FOR USE WITH EXTENSIONS: Add these to your table at the time you order if you want to prepare your custom ordered table for the addition of side arm extensions later but do not yet wish to commit to buying the side arm extensions now. For Flat/Basic Tables Only and the foot end of Prenatal Tables.
CRESCENT FACE HOLE WITH PILLOW AND PLUG: Our Crescent Face Hole gives you the convenience of a face hole with the comfort and adjustability of our contoured Face Rest Pillow. Use the plug to restore a flat surface.Some therapists like the fact that face holes enable them to position the client's arms above the head, while others appreciate the fact that shorter clients are more readily reached from the foot end of the table.
ADD A SHEET SET: White 3 piece Sheet Set (Fitted sheet fits up to a 33"W x 73"L x 7"H massage table cushion)
ADD A CLASSIC SERIES BOLSTER: The bolster will be the same color as the table being purchased. If the bolster is out of stock, you will be contacted to choose a different color.