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Classic Series

Omni Professional Package

Starting at $1188 Inventory Status: Product Customization Required Lead Time: 5 Weeks

If you plan to purchase more than one table package, please contact Custom Craftworks at 800-627-2387 to calculate the best shipping rates.

In our Omni Professional Package, we offer our Omni deep tissue table with extras that help improve both therapist effectiveness and the client experience. Along with the Omni portable table, we include the dual-action face rest with pillow, Classic Series arm rest shelf, 6” x 27” round bolster, rolling stool, under table shelf and convenient carry case.

Package Includes:

  • Classic Series Omni Table
  • Dual action face rest with pillow
  • Classic Series arm rest shelf
  • Round bolster (6" x 27")
  • Rolling stool
  • Under table shelf (Not available with 36"W table)
  • Carry case

Standard Features:

  • Load Capacity: 800 lbs.
  • Table weight: 34 lbs. for 28" x 73" or 37 lbs. for 30" x 73"
  • Shiatsu release cables
  • Inverted truss
  • Cable-Lock system
  • Full-length piano hinge
  • Reiki end panels 
  • 9" on center dual-end accessory ports
  • Vinyl-coated aircraft cables
  • 3" Multi-layer foam

Download Omni Professional  Package Data Sheet


WARNING: California Proposition 65 Information

MASSAGE UPHOLSTERY: Our standard Massage Upholstery offers on-trend color options that are durable and easily cleaned.
Classic Series
Upgraded True Touch [Add $262]
TOUCH RESPONSE FOAM SYSTEM: IF YOU SELECT THIS UPGRADE, PLEASE SELECT A TRUE TOUCH UPHOLSTERY AS IT IS NOT COMPATIBLE WITH STANDARD UPHOLSTERY. Our exclusive Touch Response Memory Foam system is pressure-sensitive and molds quickly to the shape of a body pressing against it returning to its original shape once the pressure is removed. Can facilitate a nurturing/cradling effect during the massage for your client.
ROUNDED CORNERS: Rounded corners add beauty and freedom of movement around your table. Helpful in tight spaces. Some therapists believe energy flows better around a table with no sharp edges.
PRENATAL: Prenatal Upgrade includes both breast and stomach cut outs to accommodate tender breast tissue and larger belly of expectant mothers.Includes an adjustable, padded sling for support of the round ligaments in the pelvis.Plugs for both Breast Recesses and belly cut out are included.
BREAST RECESSES: Ideal for clients with larger breasts or implants while prone or broad shoulders while supine, our Breast Recesses will greatly increase comfort during massage for both men and women of ALL shapes and sizes. Once therapists begin working with the plugs out, we find that they are rarely put back in. When you do choose put them in, they fit snugly and securely into your table.
SIDE ARM HOLES FOR USE WITH EXTENSIONS: Add these to your table at the time you order if you want to prepare your custom ordered table for the addition of side arm extensions later but do not yet wish to commit to buying the side arm extensions now. For Flat/Basic Tables Only and the foot end of Prenatal Tables.
CRESCENT FACE HOLE WITH PILLOW AND PLUG: Our Crescent Face Hole gives you the convenience of a face hole with the comfort and adjustability of our contoured Face Rest Pillow. Use the plug to restore a flat surface.Some therapists like the fact that face holes enable them to position the client's arms above the head, while others appreciate the fact that shorter clients are more readily reached from the foot end of the table.