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Custom Craftworks: Celebrating 35 Years

For 35 years, Custom Craftworks has been producing high-quality, customized massage tables that meet the ergonomic needs of therapists and the comfort requirements of clients. How did our story begin? With a question that required an innovative solution.

For 35 years, Custom Craftworks has been producing high-quality, customized massage tables that meet the ergonomic needs of therapists and the comfort requirements of clients. How did our story begin? With a question that required an innovative solution.

The Challenge

It all started with an unusual request that custom cabinet and furniture maker Ron Tinsley received from a friend and massage therapist: Can you help craft a better massage table that is strong and stable, but also caters to the comfort of both therapists and clients? Tinsley, the founder of Custom Craftworks, gladly accepted the challenge. He began by reviewing current table models that were typically heavy, cumbersome, and unable to withstand the rigors often required during massage treatments. As a result, he re-engineered a new type of wooden table that was more solid, durable, and comfortable than any others on the market.


Growth and Expansion

Word spread, and what began as a side project became a full-time business. Custom Craftworks launched in 1986, establishing a reputation for high-quality, American made massage tables. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the largest manufacturers of massage tables, chairs, equipment, and accessories in the United States.

CCW Facility4

Photo via Custom Craftworks

Since the mid-1980’s, Custom Craftworks has grown and evolved to meet the demands of health and wellness markets. Pivotal Health Solutions acquired Custom Craftworks in 2009, and that merger helped to expand the reach of Custom Craftworks to go beyond massage tables. Customers can create a Pivotal Practice by adding carts, cabinets, kiosks, ergonomic workspace solutions, or custom lockers to complete their space in style with easy accessibility and ample storage that complements any studio or practice.

Our Hallmark

Innovation has continued to be the Custom Craftworks’ hallmark since Ron Tinsley successfully helped his friend develop his first table. Through innovation, Custom Craftworks designed and built the first custom tables in the industry with breast recesses, as well as one-of-a-kind prenatal tables. That's not all. Custom Craftworks takes the word custom seriously by offering personalized branding and graphics, and we work together with therapists to accommodate specific ergonomic needs from table height and width to offering the largest selection of technique-specific tables such as the Feldenkrais, Alexander, Ashiatsu and more!

Meadowlark Massage Thera-y-(SSS Hands Free Delux)

Specific thought goes into every Custom Craftworks design, from the thickness of the wood to the choice of source materials that are both strong and flexible enough to accommodate all sizes and shapes. Table height, rounded corners and portability meet therapists’ ergonomic needs. Upholstery and foam padding are carefully considered, down to the very seams, to ensure they are smooth and comfortable. 


“I have been in the massage therapy profession since 1995, and I’ve used Custom Craftworks since I was a student – that is over two decades of using Custom Craftworks tables, bolsters, and chairs. I really appreciate Custom Craftworks in the fact that they’ve really grown up with our profession and have changed designs to accommodate customers to that they can be comfortable and so practitioners can deliver the best possible service. Patients are very impressed with the ability of the table to raise and lower. Having a table that is designed with care in mind makes them feel like they have come to the right place because we have invested in massage equipment that will take care of them.” Rachel Romanelli, Owner, Worker B Wellness


Our Commitment

Custom Craftworks has long held a commitment to environmental consciousness. Based in Springfield, Oregon, Custom Craftworks recycles everything we can, from wood scraps to sawdust and foam pieces to office supplies. These materials—which the industry often tosses as waste—are transformed into useful products such as particle board, carpet padding and fresh reams of paper.

Over the years, Custom Craftworks has maintained our commitment to environmental consciousness. This commitment to the environment goes into products as well. From select birch to fast-growing poplar, wood sources are harvested from sustainable-yield forests to minimize the environmental footprint. Custom Craftworks’ earth-friendly Earth-Cell foams are bio-based and include products like soy—as compared to petroleum-based polyurethane foams manufactured with chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) chemicals that can deplete the ozone layer. Custom Craftworks even uses water-based lacquers and finishes on our products to ensure fewer toxins come into contact with clients and the environment. WorkerB6-1

Our Products

Custom Craftworks has always placed a high premium on its American-made products that are thoughtfully constructed based on the feedback of students and therapists in the massage industry and other fields. The beauty of these locally produced products is that they provide a high level of detail and customization as well as unparalleled customer service and rapid production and shipping. 

After a growing customer base asked for the same professional details at a variety of price points, Custom Craftworks responded by working closely with overseas partners to develop our Solutions line. This series of portable massage tables has become a popular choice of students and new graduates. It offers both affordability and value and includes quality details such as rounded corners, dual-knob construction and adjustable face rests—even memory foam for client comfort.

Our Promise

As Custom Craftworks continues to grow and evolve, our philosophy and culture remain the same. We strive to offer the very best customer experience with excellent service and warranty. Not only do we deliver top-quality massage products, but we also provide dependable customer service to keep your investment in top shape.

After 35 years of exceptional product development, quality workmanship, innovation, and longevity, we are proud to be an industry leader of massage tables, chairs, equipment and accessories and will continue satisfying our customer base for years to come.

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