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Dressed for success: Tips on how to dress your massage table

Choosing the right massage table is critical to the success of your practice. Dressing your table is also an essential skill that should not be overlooked. Massage warmers, sheets and blankets are treatment room necessities that will help you to keep your customers warm, comfortable, and relaxed, and the goal is to dress your massage table to look and feel inviting and relaxing with an emphasis on warmth, comfort, and style!

Warmth is king

Available in several different varieties, massage table warmers set the stage. Some warmers are washable while others are not. It’s worth considering the type of treatment you plan to practice before choosing your warmer. Does your warmer need to be waterproof? If not, then a regular fabric table warmer will work fine. In each case, make sure that your table warmer has an auto-off feature.

Add the padding

Fleece is the most popular and widely used plush covering for massage table. It provides additional cushioning and comfort for your clients. Wool or synthetic? Stock a few sets of fleece pads in your inventory so they can be changed out between clients for cleanliness and safety.


Fleece Pad Set (table not included)

Choose the right sheet

How your linens look and feel to your customers speaks volumes about your massage business. Therefore, quality matters. Massage sheets need the ability to endure frequent washings, and sheets that wear out quickly are not economical no matter how stylish or comfortable they may be at first. Here’s a narrowed down list of some of the top choices for sheets that function best for massage therapy:

Cotton – A high quality cotton sheet feels cool to the touch and soft to the skin. If cotton is your choice, quality matters. Cheaper cotton sheets can wear out quickly after multiple washings, they can be difficult to clean and sanitize, and they may need to be replaced more often to avoid showing wear and tear. 

Cotton/Polyester Blend – Known for durability, 50/50 blended poly cotton sheets offer a balance of quality and affordability and are often a favorite choice for salons and spas. Not quite as soft as pure cotton, blended sheets might feel a little bit scratchy if made from a lower quality material. Again, it’s best to purchase a higher quality blend which is more durable and will stand up to more frequent washings while maintaining the quality touch and feel that therapists demand.

100% Cotton flannelCotton flannel sheets could be the most attractive option for massage therapy linens because they are perfect for all seasons by providing warmth in the winter months and comfort during the summer when air conditioning can feel a bit too cool. Flannel massage sheets aren’t measured by thread count, but rather by weight with heavier linens costing more with increased quality.

Microfiber Microfiber sheets represent the ultimate in quality, comfort, and durability and are made from 100% double-brushed polyester. They are super-soft, wrinkle-free, and resist pilling. Custom Craftworks offers a microfiber table skirt that looks sharp and performs even better.

Custom Craftworks offers two of the top choices for sheets that works best in the massage industry including cotton and cotton/polyester blend.



Deluxe Double Brushed Cotton Flannel 3 Piece Sheet Set

Standard Features:

  • Flat Sheet: 61"W x 100"L
  • Fitted Sheet: 33"W x 73"L x 7"H
  • Face Rest Cover: fits all standard size face rest pillows
  • Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and face rest cover
  • 4.5 oz. flannel
  • 100% cotton
  • Fitted sheet fits up to a 33"W x 73"L x 7"H massage table cushion

Premium Blend Poly/Cotton 3 Piece Sheet Set

Standard Features:

  • Flat Sheet: 58"W x 94"L
  • Fitted Sheet: 33"W x 73"L x 7"H
  • Face Rest Cover fits all standard size face rest pillows
  • Set includes a flat sheet, fitted sheet and face rest cover
  • 180 thread-count
  • 55/45 poly/cotton blend
  • Fitted sheet fits up to a 33"W x 73"L x 7"H massage table cushion



After layering your table with a warmer and extra fleece padding, the next step is to fix your fitted sheet to the table. Add a top sheet and take an extra moment to make sure the sheets you buy are suitable for a professional massage setting. Inspect your sheets for pilling, holes, or stains, and replace them before they become worn. Fresh, crisp sheets set the stage for your client’s entire experience and first impressions matter.

Top off your table with warm & cozy blankets

Now that your table is nearly complete, top it off with a warm and cozy blanket. Many therapists choose premium fleece blankets because of softness and the ability to provide added warmth and relaxation.

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The care and detail you take in choosing massage linens says a lot about the pride you take in serving your clients by creating the perfect massage environment for them. Helping your customers be relaxed and comfortable during their appointment will result in a satisfied customer who returns again and again.