Why You Should Develop a Texting Relationship with [Exisiting] Clients

posted on August 14, 2017

Just as we check the weather outside to decide on our attire, we also have to pay attention to the changing climates in our local culture, in order to make appropriate changes in our business practices. And in today’s communications climate, nearly everyone has a smartphone and everyone is texting.

Using Massage to Reduce Stress in Seniors

posted on July 26, 2017

Massage therapy is not just for those who want to unwind after a work week. The act of a professional placing just enough pressure on the muscles to soothe them extends to seniors who find themselves stressed over life’s changes. Here are five ways that massage therapy can combat anxiety in elderly

Choosing your first table

posted on July 25, 2017

You’ve done it! You’ve graduated, gotten your license, and want to start your practice. The productcatalogs, mailings, and emails have been piling up but what do you really need to get your business off the ground?

Using Hot Stones with Massage

posted on June 12, 2017

You are a massage therapist for a variety of reasons, and most, if not all of those reasons involve helping your clients feel better.Whether helping them relax, heal from an injury or decrease pain, you know massage therapy works. Massage works because you’re committed to continually learning and h

Using Coconut Oil in Massage Therapy

posted on May 19, 2017

Who’s using coconut oil? The better question might be "who isn’t?." Coconut oil is being hailed as a multi-purpose product that’s fantastic for the skin, hair, teeth and more. Massage therapists are using it, too in their practice. Benjamin McDonald of Massamio for Sohnen-Moe Associates, Inc. did h